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Welcome to the Academy.

My Name is Ifiok Nkem, a Digital Marketer based in Nigeria. I have trained and empowered thousands of people with skills and tools in Web Design, App Development & Digital Marketing.  Now I want to empower you too.

I will teach you not just the technical aspect of Web Consulting, but also the BUSINESS ASPECT – You can earn a guaranteed income of N350,000 monthly as a web consultant executing projects online and offline.

Inspiring Testimonial

“…Indeed words cannot express my real testimony, and all thanks to NKEM Ifiok. Three years I bought the video tutorial on web consulting from him. Little did I know that I have been handed over a key skill empowerment video that will turn around my life for good. 

Today my story is different. From what I learnt in the videos I have successfully built different websites for clients and I also manage one of the best Nigeria mobile marketing platform and develop different business that empowered me to abandon my project management training (PMP Certified) job.

I can only say plenty thanks to my great mentor – Ifiok Nkem for the inspiration, that has not only put food on my table but has enabled me to put roof on my head (Buit a house of my own here in Lagos on a 6 plot of land in a choice area). All thanks to WEBx, I am ever grateful to God for meeting you”

Kingsley A WEBx Alumni Is Now A Successful Web Consultant – Bought Multiple Cars, Built A House & Is Now Married With Kids…

Name: Kingsley Enebule
Location: Lagos, Nigeria
Facebook Profile: 
Here Is An Overview of
What You Will Learn
Module #1
Company Web Tutorial

In this video, you will learn step by step how to build professional websites for companies from scratch.  In this module, no previous knowledge is assumed, as you are taken from basic through advanced concepts.

They will discover how to build sites with unlimited pages, slides, forms, calendar, etc.
Everything is covered step by step in a way you will appreciate


Module #2
School Web Tutorial

After watching this video, you will be able build a  school website and integrate school portal with online registration, course registration, result checking,  attendance, accomodation, transportation, time table, parent portal and many other features.

The average fee schools pay for portal setup is N250k. One of my students made N4m from just 1 school deal.

Module #3
Hotel Web Tutorial

The demand for hotel websites is on the increase.with the ever increasing number of hotels.
This video teaches how to build a hotel website from scratch with online reservation and booking.

Hotels are ready to pay 200k and above for a custom solution. This module comes with a sample hotel proposal you can edit, print and submit to hotels.


Module #4
Web Graphics Design

In this video course, you will learn step by step how to create stunning and eye poping graphics for the web using photoshop.

How to create banners, sliders, and virtually any time of graphics for your website and digital marketing campaigns. The entire process has been made ridiculously simple.

Module #5
eCommerce Web Tutorial

With the internet revolution and cashless policy in nigeria, ecommerce is the next BIG niche.

ecommerce sites are springing up everyday; general merchandise, boutique, cosmetic shops, bookshops, etc. This video covers step by step how to build a functional and secure ecommerce platform like jumia and konga with marketplace or multi seller 


Module #6
Hospital Web Tutorial

Hospitals are not left out. This training module covers without leaving anything out, how to build websites for hospitals from scratch.

It also covers how to setup a Hospital Management System (HMS) to manage everything in the hospital – doctors, nurses, pharmacist, support staff, prescription, treatment, laboratories, etc.

You will also get a sample proposal they can edit and submit to hospitals.

Module #7
Event Web Tutorial

Millions of events are planned in Nigeria every months. Tens of thousands of them are desperately in need of a website.

This module will teach you how to setup a professional website for an event with registration and online payments integration.


Module #8
Sales & Squeeze Page Tutorial

This training covers the theoretical and technical aspect of sales and squeeze page design. How to set up killer sales page for products and services.

It covers the psychology of color in marketing online and how you can design your sales page to ensure maximum sales.  Everything about video sales letter, pop ups, opt ins, etc. How to setup funnels – upsell page, download page, OTO page, etc

Module #9
Membership Sites Tutorial

After watching this video, you will learn one click at a time how to build a membership website.

How to create a  password protected members area, manage users, subscriptions, access levels, contents, payments, etc. It covers different content model like the drop feeding delivery module.


Module #10
Church Web Tutorial

Learn how to build church portals and internet ministries with Live Streaming Integration, Prayer Request Forms, Church Management System and many more features, online payments, etc

This module is very comprehensive and easy to understand. Your clients will pay you a premium for this service.

Module #11
Social Network Tutorial

In this video, you will learn step by step how to build professional websites for companies from scratch.  In this module, no previous knowledge is assumed, as you will be taken from basic through advanced concepts.

You will discover how to build sites with unlimited pages, slides, forms, calendar, etc.
Everything is covered step by step.


Module #12
Android & iOS App Dev

There are more smartphone users than computer users…Smartphones have become the accessibility device of choice.

Right now is a very high demand for apps and businesses are paying consultants to help them build apps for them. Don’t just build websites, add mobile apps.

This modules covers step by step how to port your website into an app and how to create apps for normal websites and apps for ecommerce websites.

Module #13
Wedding Website Tutorial

In this video, you will learn step by step how to build professional websites for weddings, anniversaries, yearbook, etc from scratch.  

This module also teaches basic image editing with Photoshop. No previous knowledge is assumed, as the student is taken from basic through advanced concepts. 

Module #14
Plus The Business Blueprint

What most professionals, tutors and self acclaimed gurus will never tell you is that learning how to do something is just the beginning. The most important thing is how to make people pay you for those skills you acquire.
You will get a copy of the Web Consulting Business Blueprint. A complete blueprint that will open your eyes to the business aspect of web consulting. How to make a minimum of N250,000 Monthly as a Web Consultant Executing Projects.
In This Blueprint, You Will Discover:
  • Where and how to find clients whenever you need them.
  • How to turn curious prospects into paid customers.
  • Why you should not write your proposals like the normal business proposals. I will show you the exact format to use step by step to write proposals that will make your prospect write you a cheque immediately.
  • Exactly what to say to your prospects that will make them not sleep well at night untill the award their project to you. This works like magic.
  • How to get clients and execute projects in any city in nigeria without travelling out or meeting your clients face to face. This will increase your service reach.
  • How to position yourself so that clients are the one coming to you instead of you hunting for them. This will make you select the type of job you accept.
  • The secret I use to get paid in full at the start of the project
In This Blueprint, You Will Discover:
  • How to convince a prospect who is a total newbie on why they need a website and get them super excited about it. This works on any prospect as long as he is educated.
  • How to attract and retain clients that you will enjoy working with and that will be happy to pay you for your services.
  • why you should never lower your fees again just to get the client to say yes. I will show you what to do instead
  • How to guess the amount of money a client has budgeted or is willing to pay for a project and how to make them increase it to fit your target.
  • How to play in the deep waters and get corporate and government contracts even if you don’t have an insider and how to leverage on other people’s connection.
  • How to reduce the amount of time your spend writing a proposal just for the client to say NO.
  • How to avoid ‘near success syndrome’ and loosing your client at the last minute to deperate-for-work, low bidding web designers.
  • How to get past the dreaded gate keepers in any establishment or company and get your proposal across to the ‘oga at the topmost top’
In This Blueprint, You Will Discover:
  • The exact thing to say when you cold call your clients. I will also show you the exact sequence of text messages to send to win over a client.
  • How to kill resistance and objections by your prospects even before they raise it
  • Different types of prospects and clients and how to deal with them especially the difficult ones
  • 7 things you should never say when you are on the phone or face to face with a prospect. If you say them, consider that project lost. So many web designers are guilty of this.
  • Why you dont need and should never use the conventional complimentary card. I will show you what to use instead.
  • The 2 sure things you must do to prevent your clients from ‘stealing’ your ideas and giving it to another web designer to implement while you await their phone calls till jesus comes.
  • The exact meaning of ‘we will get back to you‘ and what to do the next time a prospect says that to you. This will shock you.
  • The right pricing for your services. Most people get it wrong at this point. Pricing should never be fixed, but dependent on 3 things. I will show you how to do it right.
  • 11 Web consulting service you can offer apart from web design and internet marketing. 
  • and many more…
Everything Has Been Made Ridiculously Simple!
So Simple That Even Your 9 Year Old Cousin Could Appreciate

If You Know How To Browse Facebook
Then You Can Build Web Sites & Apps
 (Watch This Demo Chapter 78 )

Plus 12 Months Mentorship & Support
Just like starting a new business or acquiring a new skill, you may meet challenges along the way. We will be there to support you all along.

We will continue to offer you full support for 12 Months untill you succeed like others. You will be given ALL the tools, alliance, training and the motivation required through our Secret Facebook Mastermind Group so You Will Never Walk Alone…

As part of the training, you will be put into a high-end mastermind with your peers, snr colleagues, me, and my team for as long as you want to be a part of it.

This is how you’ll connect with future partners, this is where you’ll be able to get instant help any time of day, this is where you’ll be able to get new ideas, or get feedback on your ideas BEFORE you put time and money into developing them.

Who Am I
And Why Should You Listen To Me

I like to introduce myself as a multi passionate, time tested and battle hardened entrepreneur, web consultant, author, and coach. I am a serial netpreneur with over 100 successful online businesses and paltforms.

I started this journey with my first web design using freeservers and 50megs when I was 11. )  Initially, it was just an hobby – helping my family and friends. In 2012, I decided to monetize my hobby by building a business around it. Starting with a borrowed laptop and N5000 ($25) I launched out something that has grown into a multi million internet business empire and also impacted directly on thousands of people.

I have consulted and provided different types of Internet and Mobile Marketing solutions to different clients like Center For Advocacy and Conflict Resolution, Peoples Democratic Party, Action Congress of Nigeria, Red Cross Society, Christ Embassy, Equitorial Trust Bank, Fidelity Bank, Akwa Ibom State Govt, Edo State Government, Apostolic Church, Nigerian Labour Congress, State Action Committee on Aids (SACA), Indomie, Air Nigeria, University of Port Harcourt teaching Hospital (UPTH), Goodluck Jonathan Campaign Organization, and a host of other businesses and individuals.

I have trained and mentored more than 10,000 people through my WEBx series. Most of them are doing very well and are now success stories. Now I want to train you too.

Enough About Me, Read
Inspiring Success Stories
From REAL people just like you… 

Success Story #18

When Godswill started WEBx training he was young, broke and unemployed. He knew nothing about Web Design and Consulting. He participated in Web Xperience and leveraged on the knowledge and experience of the tutors as well as availed himself of the Post-Xperience mentorship opportunity.

Today he is a Professional Web Consultant. He has setup 3 web consulting firms and has designed over 50 professional websites for clients and is making cool money from the skills he acquired. Now he has 3 employees working for him. you csn visit his portfolio website  to see some of his web designs.

His most recent project was web design and app developemt (iOS & Android) for AfriZoneTV – multi million naira project. He recently co launched SchoolKET – a cloud based school management system which is one of the most successful SaaS platforms in Nigeria with more than 100 partner integrators.

Okoyomon is returing to WEBx this year, but as a trained instuctor. Two years from today, you will also be features as an Alumni Instructor with your own success story.

Name: Godswill Okoyomon
Location: Rivers State, Nigeria
Facebook Profile:

Success Story #651

Israel  bought a copy of the home kit. Here is his testimonial:

“… I really want to thank Sir Ifiok Nkem of WEBx… few weeks ago, I got my own copy of the WebX Home Kit of which it’s one of the best products I’ve added to my library…

I’ve studied some web related courses in the past, but WebX is simply the best of all I’ve seen with it’s friendly GUI. The course was made so simple that even those who find it hard to tell the difference between the Nigerian currency can easily understands it.

The price is far below what was delivered. I noticed he’s not after the money for the course but your success story.

If you have ever dreamed of becoming a Web Designer or App Developer, I seriously advice you should grab yourself a copy.  A second thought not to buy this course is simply the spirit of failure as an aspiring Web Consultant…”

Location: Bayelsa
Facebook Profile:
Success Story #134

Nehemiaha’s Testimonial: “…WEBx has transformed my career, skills and my life. I don’t like or talk about testimony but I don’t have choice because #WEBx made me who i am today.

I have been able to learn how to build and develop web base apps, responsive website, how to generate traffic to my site and above all how to make cool money with consulting without stress following a simple system.  After the training i have been able to follow the system and today, am proud to say am the CEO and founder of profitarena a platform to learn and make genuine money online and offline.

I have been able to replicate what i have learn from #WEBx to empower youths and add value entrepreneurs looking forward to start online business through #‎WebEntrepreneor101‬. The support from #WEBx support team after completing the training has been great. I know that if I have any doubt of query, I can contact one of the team and get help immediately…”


Name: NEHEMIAH Jajanehee
Location: Mushin, LAGOS
Facebook Profile:
Success Story #316

Ntuk Ekanem was a complete newbie when he participated in WEBx. He  bought the Home Training Version. After watching the video tutorial, step by step he acquired and mastered the art of Web Consulting (Design, Traffic and Conversion).

Today he has become a highly sought after web consultant. He quit his part time job, tucked his B.Sc under his mattress and set up his own Web Consulting Business using the knowledge he acquired from WEBx – with 3 employees now. He consistently makes money providing premium web consulting services to clients.

He developed an award winning Church Management System (ChMS) service to project the church ministry on via ICT and Electronic Examinations systems(EES) for institutions to meet up the technological needs of the information age.

Name: NTUK Ekanem
Location: Eket, AKS
Facebook Profile:
Success Story #1433

“… Thank God for the Day I metcNkem. I used to be the Normal guy dat relies on pocket money(student’s-mindset) to live.  I Used my Last money (then,My feeding for that week) to attend a seminar that Nkem was presenting presenting at Ebitimi banigo hall,university of Portharcourt (WEBx).

I was introduced to Joomla, Bulksms and so on and so forth. I went home with the DVD home kit which later turn out to be the “Much-needed Open sesame” I needed to succeed Online. Today, my story has Changed. Right Now, I have design websites charging from N130,000 and above… I now have my own web design tutorial DVD, Webdesign Superhero whose sales brought in Over N150,000 in 48 Hoursafter Launch.

Between October 1st  to december 15th, I had raked in over N528,796 working from Home with the skills and knowledge I acquired from the home kit… I pay my fees myself, pay my younger Bro’s school Fees( He’s in a private University in 9ja here), I live in a big apartment. All these are made possible because i know how to make the internet work for me…I know how to make money online LEGITIMATELY exactly as WEBx taught me.”

Name: Edegware Gift
Location: Port Harcourt
Facebook Profile:
Mind Blowing Testimonials
From REAL people just like you… 
I had to quit my PMP training job to become a web consultant and I can only but give thanks to God for the opportunity. See my own works on, over 184 similar and quality web design jobs done courtesy of Web Consulting Home Training Kit.

Kingsley Enebule

After watching the videos, I needed no other tutorial to design any kind of site be it social network, ecommerce, etc. I learnt from you, SKILLs that I now do for a living and made me who I am today. Looking forward to learn more from you. You are more than a mentor. You are a life saver. Keep up the good work

Jamiu Abdulmujeeb Web Consultant

…Ifiok, I have known you since 2010 precisely. I can remember the first product I bought from you in 2010 – Web Consulting Xperience…. that same year I MADE OVER A MILLION NAIRA in web consulting. Today I can say you are a role model, always ahead. Looking forward when SnapiLABs, ‪#‎Snapisites‬ will become a unicorn.

Pastor Victor Pastor, Living Faith Church Aka Winners Chapel Rumuogibo District PHC

"I never really believed making money could be so simple until I watched WEBx Course in my final year in the University. Today, I have recorded something reasonable via series of websites I have designed for a lot of companies. His mentorship and video products made it possible all the way… God bless you sir. "

Emmanuel Udoette

My name is Monye Paul Uche from Asaba, Delta State. I studied Building Technology and work as a civil servant. When I saw WEBx advert, I was scared. But by the time I got the package and watched, all my fears faded into the thin air. Its worth more than the money I paid. The training was as simple as akra and bread. It was more than I expected. I have made hundreds of thousands building websites for clients. Some of my designs include,,, and for delta state government. The WEBx course has put me on a path that’s paying me and 2 staff members now onboard. I working to develop a CMS among other things. For the WEBx mastermind secret facebook group. I love the MasterMind family, the support is superb. Am wowed by the quality of friends I have made from the MasterMind. As for Ifiok Nkem – I love him from afar as I have not had the opportunity to meet with him in person. He is truly selfless I highly recommend WEBx. It’s a one stop Academy for anyone who wants to do online business.

Monye Paul

The course was simply fantastic and covered a lot of things. It is worth more than the money I paid. It over delivered on its promise. WEBx is a A brand to watch out for on the international market. On the WEBx facebook mastermind secret group I have met great people and plan on partnering with some too. I have made hundreds of thousands from web consulting and Im also into mini importation.

Jenkins Anyako

I used to be a critics to Nkem and Webimania, but 2day, I’m a testimony to Nkem’s trainings. You can’t find any training anywhere in the world that is as rich as Nkem’s… I really learnt a lot. I recommend ALL to anyone. Trust me it is rich… "

Michael Abegunde

Green will be your grass, blue will be your sky, sound will be your health, fat will be your purse, flesh will be your grace, and fulfilled will be your dreams… thank you for showing me the way. I just made 200k on a another web design job. I don get alert. Na God win.

Ken Mbadiwe

The I have been greatly empowered by WEBx. I now design websites for clients, both offline and online clients (especially on fiverr) worldwide. I’m also able to teach people web design. It’s worth far more than what I paid for it. I started earning from it even before I completed the course. Very simple and well explained. I have never seen any other product to compare with this webx course. Webx course is just the BOMB! Webx Mastermind’s support has really been great. I have really met a lot of wonderful people in the mastermind group. Mr. Ifiok Nkem is the most resourceful person I have ever met online. He has impacted me more in my Internet Marketing Career than any other person. He’s a model, a hero, a friend, someone I always look up to, etc. He’s also very meticulous. Yes I have made hundreds of thousands building websites for clients. Some of my designs include:,,,, www.mayhem-,,, and many more.was simply fantastic and covered a lot of things. It is worth more than the money I paid. It over delivered on its promise. WEBx is a A brand to watch out for on the international market. On the WEBx facebook mastermind secret group I have met great people and plan on partnering with some too. I have made hundreds of thousands from web consulting and Im also into mini importation.

Glory Omoye

I got to know about WEBx through a friend. The course is simple like ABC. They are comprehensive enough and it covers both the basic and advance concepts. Web development has now become another source of revenue to my business. Yes. Its was worth more than the money I paid for it. The Mastermind support is Excellent and I Connected with some friends. I build websites for clients. My latest design is Yes I have made hundreds of thousands from this skill.

Oguntayo Mathew Adekunle

I got jobs of N500k from what I learned. WEBx is so…super. I’m never broke. I’ve a cash machine 247. The home kit is worth it. I wish I’d paid more. lol. Nkem is a genius. Incomparable. I have made more than 1 million from this skill I acquired. I designed a site for 450k. Did trainings for 200 folks @N65k. I now have over 10 products selling online.

Waju Abraham

Over 2,000 Testimonials
More Than 2,000 People Cannot Be Wrong

I Know You Are Wondering: Can You have The Same Results?
You will have a better testimonial because what they watch was
the old edition, now you have the opportunity to get the new
improved edition and my ability to teach and
mentor has improved over time.



Try This Course for 40-Days Risk Free

I am  so confident that you will absolutely be empowered by this course that I am staking my name and offering a full 40-Day, “no questions asked” Money-Back Guarantee… Get every penny you paid back if: (1) The entire process is too complex for you to understand or (2) If you don’t make atleast $500 (N150,000) within 40 days of taking action. The risk is on me.You still get to keep the materials and ALL the bonuses. You have nothing to lose but everything to gain.

Buy NOW for N45,000 Just N12,500
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We are also into the very lucrative business of Web Consulting and everybody we empowered automatically becomes our competitor. We dont want every Tunde, Emeka And Musa to have a copy of this training kit hence the offer is limited. Also due to the dedicated support that will be provided, only a few slot available…

This Is A Limited Time Offer

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After NOW, It May Not Be Available Again At This Discounted Price With All The Bonuses

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+Sample Proposals

You will get ready made web design proposals that you can edit, print and submit for web design contracts. Well written proposals with beautiful layouts and designs. Your prospects will find it difficult to resist them. They will just write you a cheque.

You will get:

  • Sample Church Proposal
  • Sample Hotel Proposal
  • Sample School Proposal
  • Sample Company Proposal
  • etc...

proposal webx
Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Can I really learn All these modules (Web design & App Development) through videos?

YES! we will use the KISS (Keep it simply simple) approach in a click by click training system. And we use tools that makes the process as easy as (copy and paste, click and insert, etc).learning from video is very effective Nothing is left out or forgotten. You learn at your own pace. You can pause and replay.

Do I required any previous knowledge or experience in web consulting?

NO! You don't need any previous knowledge, as no previous knowledge is assumed. The entire training starts from scratch... The only ability you need is the ability to follow simple step by step instructions one click at a time. If you browse the internet, then you can build websites and android apps.

When I order, what exactly will I get?

Everything you need (Over 22GB in DVDs or download link). The training videos, pdfs, the softwares and tools required plus all the bonuses. You will also get 12 months mentorship and support as well as access to a high end mastermind where all your questions will be answered. + An internationally recognized certificate when you are done.

What if I dont understand or am not satisfied?

Thats almost IMPOSSIBLE... If a 7 years boy could appreciate. How about you? But we believe impossible does not exist. So If for any reason, you are not satisfied or you hate our intonation. No worries. Simple ask for a refund. The risk is on us. You have nothing to lose except what you will lose if you let this opportunity pass you by.

Step One - ORDER
Click the link to order and Pay online or pay Cash On Delivery

Step Two - Delivery
Receive the training pack at your door step via Courier or FedEX

Enyoy or Refundn
Go through the course.  If you don't like it, We refund you

Buy NOW Only N45k - Just N12,500
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